Throwing Knives

Jul 1, 1999
I just wanted some suggestions on which throwing knife I should buy. I really don't want to spend over a hundred dollars on it.
I have personally used the original Gil hibben throwers and would recommend them. I would go with the large hibben.
UC-456 Hibben thrower III it is made of one piece of 420 j2 stainless steel, 10" overall with a 4 5/8" blade.
Retail= about $22.00


Louis Buccellato

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Check out these throwers

Bobby Branton
American Knife Throwers Alliance
Before you make any firm decision check out those at

They are way in there on one of the back pages. Three sizes and all tested by a couple of the best throwers in the nation. You can get a couple or a set of three without missing your proposed dollar limit much.

Desert Rat

Randall makes a nice one, and it's under $100(on their site it's $90).
Go to
then go to on line catalog,
then go to example combinations.
It's item CC
Hope I help,


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Forget Hibbin, Cold Steel, United Cutlery, or any of that JUNK. Do you want to have fun, girls, fame and fortune. I suggest you take a look at L & H Knifework's line of throwing knives. I own all three Thre Dirk, The French Curve, and The TTT, in sets of three. I have been throwing since I was 16. I'm now 48. My Kabar was the one that won contests for me. I retired that knife after I handled the Dirk.
Ok so maybe you won't achieve fame and fortune. But I GUARANTEE you will have
hours of throwing and hunting fun. Who knows maybe even girls. UBANK
The link to L&H Knives is the one Desert Rat has listed above! C'ya

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Kingknives has it right. The web-site address posted by Desert Rat does take you to L & H Knifeworks. Also I have just learned that in a couple of weeks or sooner, it will change to
I just took a look at the site a little while ago, the throwers are on the third page,along with the swordcanes ( one of which I also own ).
Truthfully, the guy does make a terrific thrower. But more than that, if you would like to teach the art of throwing to anyone, I recommend the Dirk.
With it's non cutting edge, and blunt point, it looks so unassuming. Yet I have stuck it in oak.
It wouldn't hurt to check out his other
custom knives. I think the Boat Knife will be my next purchase. I bet I could throw that too. UBANK
Well thanks for the replies I think I am going to get a Branton Pro Flyte Bowie or a L&H knife works Dirk. Probably the Bowie.
Sorry Matthew,
I have a page on my Local knife associations site. I should be adding more stuff later.
We are limited to what we can put on that site. I am going through some changes with my knives . I will be dropping some models that have been slow and focusing on a couple of new models that will have a nicer finish
for the collector crowd.

You're missing a good deal on a set of fine throwers if you opt out of the ones UBANK is talking about.

Desert Rat

I guess we all have our favorites. Weather you are a golfer, bowler, shooter,and on and on. We also have a bias to base our preference on. I have a whole storage trunk full of every throwing knife, ice pick, cards, shards of glass, 60 penny nails, etc that came down the pike. I have throwing knives with sliding weights. I have Bowies, Daggers, Locbacks, Darts, Spikes, Butterfly Knives that I throw.I also have custom throwing knives from some of the
people in this disscussion.
All I am saying is this. Years ago, as I said before, my Ka-Bar Marine Combat Knife was the only one that I would compete with when MONEY was on the line.
That was untill I got a hold of a set of Dirks from L & H. I left my Ka-Bar at home after that. As Doc Gundersen's line of throwing knives grew, so did my collection. Here is what I found and base my bias on.
The Dirk is a great lightweight throwing knife. It is a great teaching tool for backyard fun. It is also great for taking a couple of bucks off of your buddies.
The French Curve from L & H with its
unique design I found out has an appeal
towards females who have an interest in learning to throw. The handle fits their
hand like a glove, and the weight of the knife will not tire them out. The balance of the French Curve makes sticking it almost automatic, so you won't get easily frustrated.
The Tactical Throwing Tanto, is just an awesome throwing projectile. I could kill a coyote with the TTT with very little effort. If you use the palm throw with this one, from 18ft out, you are going to need two hands to pull it out of your target. Great long distance knife.
I'm not a pro....YET. But I am working on it.I guarantee you , when I turn pro, L & H will be well represented.