throwing spikes

Dec 29, 2006
has any one tryed them
I make my own out of 12 in nails and a bench grinder my throwing style is no spin I've been throwing for about 3 months I can hit center target from 16 feet
I throw them some, simply because at $0.57ea, I don't really care what happens to them. I do need to sharpen them, though, as I have been throwing them with their factory tips. After an hour of throwing, my arm is worn out. My throw mimics a baseball pitch. Needless to say, I have to throw them pretty hard to get them to stick with that orignal tip.

2'x4' target
the way I hold the knife or spike is I point my 4 fingers vertically and grab the handle of what ever I am throwing(like I am trying to touch my pinky with my thumb)this is also shown in the pictures in the link. the way I throw is decribed in the link as well
hope this helps I cant explain it much better
look at TECHNIQUES 2
oh and don't use your wrist
try taping it
so you can feel when your wrist moves(you want the tape tight enough so your wrist has a hard time moving but not cutting off your circulation)eventually with practice you won't move your wrist and the knife will shoot straight like an aarow