Thumb studs and tip up carry...

Jan 11, 1999
I carry an LCC/MA evenings on a regular basis in the front pocket of my jeans.

This knife is a tip up deep pocket carry.

I have a lanyard tied, and use it to retrieve the knife from my pocket.

Recently, I was sitting in a bar late and retrieved it out of boredom. (I'm a regular at a couple of places, people know I'm a harmless knifenut and are used to seeing me do this. No problem.)

The thumb studs apparently caught on the jeans and when it left the pocket it was about 30% open. Not good.

I like the knife, I like tip up carry, and I prefer thumb studs.

However this incident leads me to think that either a cutout hole or a flipper may be a better opening method for tip up carry.

Ron -

Do you use the pocket clip? You said you used a lanyard to retrieve it from your pocket - this design, or just preference? All of my folders have thumb studs/disks, and pocket clips. I use the clip to hold the knife, and I've never had that problem - of course, there are people who intentionally drag non-Waved Emersons out of their pocket, so the thumb disk catches and opens the blade, but like I said - that's intentional. I've never had one accidentally open on me like that...

Of course, that's just MY opinion - I could be wrong. - Dennis Miller

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Yes, I use the clip.

I prefer to use the lanyard for retrieval because it's easier and faster than reaching into my pocket due to the deep carry, and the lanyard is tied in a loop so I am less likely to drop it.

As long as you're talking about holes or flippers--which would mean a different knife--think about getting something with an Axis lock.
Sounds to me like your problem is the liner lock, not the thumb studs.
My Cold Steel Voyager does the same exact thing, especially if I carry it while wearing jeans, the thick seams on the edge of the pocket act just like a magnet for the thumb stud! I'm thinking of modifying it with a single thumb-stud as opposed to the dual-studs that came on the knife.

have a CS gunsite larfe mod and have had 0 probs w/blade opening, and it used to be my EDC for over a yr - had a spyderco khalsa though, and it did open up on me cuz my hand would bump the hump where the hole in the blade is - seems like a prob w/many liner locks(concievably) though - and the khalsa was tip down carry - oh well,,,,,
This happened only once:

Took out my Gunsite II and it somehow came out open (!). A while later, I figured the thumb stud caught on my pocket edge and acted like it was a "wave." I can do this deliberately, but not very well.

I have to admit, it made me think about getting an Emerson, though! Kinda neat if you can do it 100% of the time, under stress.


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