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Ti Knives...anyone own?

Jan 18, 1999
I was wondering if anyone owned a TiKnives Hybrid or tactical model, I know someone has brought up that company in a past thread. I don't remember anyone saying they owned one, though. I haven't seen any at the past shows I've been to, and no one I know has one. Just wanted to hear what the skinny was on their products. They are a bit pricey, as the tactical models were around $400 and the hybrid was around $1000. But, they were supposed to release a $150 zytel-handled model by this time, haven't heard a thing yet, myself.
Yeah, I HAD one of the tactical models. After reading all the hype about how it was supposed to be made better then most autos, I thought it would give Microtechs a good run for their money. I did not like this knife. It had blade wobble, and came with a pivot screw that wasn't user adjustable, so I couldn't fix it. Also when they put it together at the factory they scratched the anodizing around the pivot. I also I found it ugly when I got it into my hand.

Not what I expect from a $400 knife. I got rid of it, and I'm glad I did.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Thanks, LD. I wouldn't have been impressed, either. Absence of attention to detail in a $400 knife would make me upset. I wonder if TiKnives is doing that well?