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tiger claws

Dec 11, 2006
hey people I'v was looking through a book yesterday and saw
a realy cool blade from India (i think) they call it the tiger claw.
All it is is 5 claws attached to a brass bar with a half circle of
brass attached to the top of it kind of acting like a hand guard.
anyone have an idea where i can get a set of these.
or dose anyone know what I'm talking about :confused:
Any help would be good :D
I saw a handmade set of those at a custom knife show once. Got to handle them. The blades were some of the sharpest I think I have ever seen/felt. They were so comfortable in my hand too. The one you're talkin about has like the 2 rings that slip over your fingers right?

If you want somethin cool like that....you're either going to have to try and make it yourself, or have one of these fine knifemakers here do it for you.
ya i'v got all me plans drawn out but in dont realy have the skill/money
to do it. Maby some time soon though