Tiger Striped Blades-Opion

Sep 15, 1999
Got these results on 440V SS. Would like some input. Also am working on stripes on the titanium bolsters. Maybe blend stripes from blade into bolsters?? Is possible maybe even chilly. Just wondered what some of you gents think about it as a tactical design element.

I like it. It may serve a tactical purpose, as far as making it subdued. But to me, it plain looks cool! It might look good to have stripes on the bolsters running the opposite direction to the blade stripes.
Thanks. I think I found a way to put the stripes on the titanium bolsters too. If I get time tonight I'm going to try it on this one. Actually, I think I can run them down the CF scales too! I don't know about opposing directions though. ????
I'll do some slicing and dicing and see how it holds up. It's etched in pretty good and doesn't rub off with abrasive paste and hot water. Soooo,
it should hold up very well I would think.

What do you think a forest pattern would look like??
(Stumpy, your package has left the US and looks like it's in your back yard.)
yep! it looks :cool: did you achive that by sand blasting? imo it looks great on just the blade or maybe just the bolsters. to me if things get to busy it starts to look like a circus. by the way how does that 440v stack up to say ATS-34?
Thanks Laurence. These were etched in with acid.
ATS-34 compared to 440V. 440V much is tougher. It is a souped up 440C. 5.75% vanadium added for toughness. Tougher to work also.
FYI Here's a good comparison chart of different steels and their make up. http://webcenter.ru/~malex/
dson, looks great! Check out the shop talk forum, there is a Tigerstripe thread going on there. Strider Knives have been doing it for quite a while.
Dang Rob, this is a hard business to come up with something new in. (btw I like your stripes better than the Strider pics) I guess I should ask them about using it. I'll grind em off this one.
Hey I got it Cheeta Spot blade, aw maybe not.
Rob are your stripes etched in? And what was the blade material on the piece with the stripes?
I have to come by and take a look at on eof these MAD baby tigers...lol

Show us some pics of the bolster and all striped! :)

:eek: That is sweet Larry! I have seen some with chevrons, but nothing with those style of stripes! Keep up the good work, would love to see more!:D
Very cool Larry,You need to give me a shout so you can share your oops,sorry.
I like it alot.
That is very cool lookin' ! :D

I think that it looks great as is. . .but would very much like to see what it looks like with the bolsters done.

Black screws/hardware and clip would also add a very nice topper to the package.

Thanks for sharing !
Rob, I got a call from Strider Knives yesterday afternoon after contacting them about using the tiger stripes. Strider Knives gave their blessing on using them on my pieces.
In turn, I'll give Strider the nod in print and photos of any pieces I apply tiger stripes to.
They did inform me that they didn't come up with the tiger stripes first, the tigers did.
Great bunch of guys. I look forward to hooking up with them for a cold one in the future.
Semper Fi Strider Knives!:D
Way to go dson! The Striders are a great bunch, they think I am crazy though! ha ha ha We will be sharing a booth next year at Blade. There will be Me, Hossom, Mayo, and the Striders all in about 30 feet of booth. Should be quite a party!
Nice work, glad you didn't grind them off.

Hey Tom, you going to be hanging with Strider at BAKCA?
Originally posted by tom mayo
Only a complete idiot would want tiger stripes on his knife!! :p

Of course, a handle full of holes is a sign of REAL intelligence and mental stability, eh, Tom? ;)

I'm glad you kept the stripes, too! Let's see them bolsters striped!