Tim Britton Knives?

Jun 10, 1999
Does anyone know about Tim Britton Knives? I am interested in his Terminator III and would like a little input on what you think as to durability and quality. I've been to his website and the design is very nice to look at and it sounds like a very capable knife. I also like the Newt Livesay "RKAT". I understand the difference in price and materials but I like the "Kukri" design a little better.
Maybe I had a bad experience with him but I was really disappointed with his service. I contacted him in January about a knife and he said he had the knife on hand and could ship it the next week. I sent him a cashiers check then waited. He had a knife show to go to the next week so I figured that was the delay. I did'nt get the knife until the end of March, he gave me delay excuses ranging from "they had a tornado" (I'm not kidding!) to the package he shipped to me was destroyed and the knife is missing. Because I had already sent him the money I just festered and waited. I was really turned-off by the whole experience but hope that it was one of those "rare events". Maybe others have had better dealings with him but IMHO I was disappointed.
I talked to him at last years NC custom knife show. He's a pretty nice guy and his blades look good.

He was pretty good about answering his email when I asked him a couple of questions.

I haven't ordered anything from him so I don't know about his delivery.
I've never personally owned one of his pieces but I have handled the Terminator III.
The knife is heavy and feels very very tough and solid. I didn't get a chance to test it out but I've heard that it's preformance rivals the Busse Battle Mistress. Worth checking out.