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Timberline "Discovery" series???

Sep 8, 2000
The Timberline discovery really caught my eye. Most of the feedback has been good. However, I've never dealt with Timberline, I know a bulk of their knives are made in Taiwan, but so are CVKT's. The few CVKT "Mirages" I own are pretty damn serious, no matter where they were made. Any over-all feedback on Timberline knives in general??? I am currently waiting for the delivery of two Discoveries. I will post my feedback once I've had a chance to take it through the motions.

God Speed
Received a total of four knives (Discoveries), from two different dealers on separate dates. Onr of the Discoveries from a shipment recieved today *failed* after three openings. It would appear as though the blade locking mechanism or *speed safe* assisted design mechanism failed. Having not taken apart the knife (sent it back to my vendor instead)to isolate the problem, I really can't be sure about what exactly failed. All I know, is it did!!! So my presonal failure rate with this particular product is 25%. Buyer beware.

God Speed