timberline specwar question

Nov 10, 2004
are there different models of these? i just got back from an army navy surplus and they wanted $350 for one. i bought one from a gun shop about a month ago for $85. the differences i did note were a different sheath and the $350 had a shine to the edge that was about a centimeter thick the length of the blade. what gives?
There are two different models as far as I can tell. The real deal Emerson custom that is prohibitively expensive and then the Timberline model. The Sportsman Den has the latter on sale for 29 bucks right now but without blade markings. I also believe there were 2 different lengths for the commercially made model. I am going to buy one of the 29 buck ones just to check it out. keepem sharp-
i thought that the expensive one that i looked at had timberline marked on there as well...do you have a link to sportsmans den?
I think the differense can be the sheat. At first the Specwars had a sheat that is almost identical to the sheat of the Timberline Zambezi.

This sheat made the knife rather expensive and if I remember correctly they came with a less advanced kydex sheat in the end to get the price lower.

I have never seen one of these sheats though.