Timberline Vallotton

Nov 15, 2000
I have been carriying my new Timberline Vallotton Discovery lock for about two weeks now and I have grown to love it. It is lighning fast, even faster than my Kershaw Boa. It is a small knife (about 7 1/4" OAL)and it sits comfortably in the pocket as well as the hand. Shaving sharp and the locking mechanism is great. It passed the same spine whack test that the Boa failed. Anyone else have some input on these excellently designed knives? If you haven't played with one yet, go try one out, they are good knives at a fair price.
I like mine too! Best THWACK sound of all the knives I own, even better than my auto's. My Boa failed the spine whack test too I sent it back to Kershaw now it locks up tighter than a bank vault. The Timberline is a great value for the money.

hey, question for you valotton lock owners, does the position of the lock release get in your way at all?
i wanted to buy one, but the lock release is sitting right in the middle of the scale where my fingers would be.
if i got one i would be scared i could accidentally slide the lock forward upon thrusting the knife into something.
also, is it easy to close one handed? again the positioning of the release seems less than ideal.
any feedback on this will be appreciated.

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Timberline make tough knives at a price that makes them a tremendous value.
The Valloton is one of the best buys out there, in my opinion.
A tip for all those who have one of these knives - check the inside of the handle spacer. A lot of these Timberlines I have examined to date have the blades hitting the spacers when closed, and you can see the tell tale marks when you look inside. Some do it worse than others.

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Knife Fumbler, no the lock release doesn't get in my way. I have played with it alot and find that the only thing that hits it is my index finger, and it tends to slide upwards rather than toward the blade which would unlock it. As for closing it one handed, it is great, put the thumb on the lock release and the index finger on the spine and close! No putting your fingers in the way of the edge like a liner lock. Dexter, I just checked my spacer and sorry to say you are right! Mine has a mark on the spacer where the blade is biting into it. That is the only negative thing I have found about this knife.
9engine - I wouldn't bother with sending the knife back yet, just in case you are thinking of it. Timberline is aware of the problem and is working on correcting it. For now I would not bother with sending it back, because chances are very good that the "replacement" one they send you will have the same problem.

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In memory of James K. Mattis
Dexter, I am not that concerned about it, I'll get it fixed one day after they get it worked out. I can't complain about it because it was given to me by a "friend" to help spread the word and drum up business for him.