Jul 14, 1999
I recently bought a rather nice timberlite knife. It has a hollow ground droppoint blade, black zytel (?) handle and is equidded with a neely lock (us pat5.060.379). It has a thumb stud at both sides of the blade. I can't open the knife with one hand (I have to pull the blade out with my left hand, holding the handle with my right one). Is this normal or is there anything wrong with my knife?


Timberlites are wickedly difficult to open one-handed. When these first arrived at my local knife store some years back, the Timberline (GatCo?) representative was the only one with the practice required to do so. They can be closed one-handed though, as the lock may be disengaged by getting the blade lightly stuck in a material and pulling back on the handle (a situation that occurs frequently during cutting). I don't want to bash your new knife, but some locks are brilliant new ideas and others are, well, gimmicks.

Be warned that if you carry this knife in your pocket, lint and other debris will clog that lock lickety-split-quick and it WILL NOT engage fully. Please be careful if you carry it often.

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