TiNives, opinion wanted?

Apr 10, 2000
Hi All,
Thinking of acquiring one, however before I throw 500$-600$ fro a knife would be nice to be sure of whatever I am doing
I did a research & seems like in earlier times TiNives had some serious (well, everything is relative in this world, so the probs were serious for that price range knives) QC probs.
Anyone had acquired TiNives products lately?
Also, I can't really tell from the pictures on their web, is the blade geometry different on dresser & other models?

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I do not recall anyone being enthusiastic about a TiN coating on their knives; especially in the recent past.

I handled several of the folders Scott Self had on display at the TiNives' table at Blade Show West and liked them very much. The Larry Chew inspired needle bearing system is smooth as silk, and the 84 ceramic ball bearing models are even smoother if that's possible. Because it was so much fun to feel the smoothness of the blade action, I actually preferred the manual version to the auto version. I seriously doubt that there's another production folder out there today that can claim an action as smooth.

The only feature that took some getting used to was the solid aluminum handle. It is very well executed and appears very strong, but the light weight of the handle made for an overall balance of the folder that felt a little strange to me at first. Not bad mind you, just different. And I'm sure this light weight is a definite advantage for some folks.

Semper Fi

I had a manual tactical model for a while. Overall it was well executed. The mirror finish on the blade was perfect and the edge was absolutely hair popping sharp. The action was the smoothest I have ever felt in a folder and lockup was rock solid. Additionally, Scott and Debbie Self were an absolute pleasure to deal with.

However, I really didn't care for the ergonomics. The handle did seem strong and well shaped, and the grip checkering gave good purchase, but ultimately I felt that the grip was just too slim for my hand. Also, it arrived with some pinpoint sized chips in the anodizing around the pivot. I had the tactical model, so I can't comment on how durable the patterned finishes are.

Keep in mind too that the full size model is really large. It made my Spyderco Police Model look small. Additionally, if you get a manual-action model you may want to opt for the clip on the knife instead of the pocket sheath. When drawing the knife from the sheath the thumb falls right on the button, which is great if that is how the knife is to be opened, but it just means an extra step to shift the knife into position to reach the thumbstuds on the manual model.

I hope that helps.



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Thanks everyone for your help

I think I'll go either with damascus or mirror polish.
One more thing, what is the difference between dresser & tactical? Uard to tell if the blades are different by the pics...

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