Tiny Slipjoint

Jan 7, 2001
Looking for a very small slipjoint. Something like an alox Classic Victorinox with a single blade, which they don't make AFAIK.

Any leads as to where I can find such a little gem?

Thanks, protodoc
You might go custom. Some custom makers will produce very small single bladed slipjoints for under $100. I believe P.J. Tomes' smallest slipjoint is around $90 in its most basic form. If you want a slightly larger single blade slipjoint for a good price, check out EKA. They make some good Sandvik 12C27 knives for around $11.
How about a Camillus 1 blade Peanut, model #710? It's 2 3/4" long closed with a single clip blade.
You may want to consider lockbacks too. The Al Mar Osprey is a small single blade lockback -- about $60 bucks street for the micarta handled model. Also, Spyderco has a "necklace" minature of its police model. This one is also a lockback. I have one on my keychain and love it.

You can view or purchase both at www.newgraham.com
Hmmm, the Spyderco Necklace would be nice if it didn't have the serrated edge.

The peanut is a little thick for my taste. I was hoping of finding something I could carry in my wallet.

Thanks for the input everyone.
Guess I am too traditional for the credit card knives. Was hoping to find a slim, small slipjoint instead.
Have you considered a tuxedo pattern? This one, from Camillus, is 3” closed, with a 1-1/2" spear blade and a 1-1/4" pen blade.

I second Anthony's suggestion of PJ Tomes. Here is a (poor) photo of his small slip joint:

I used to carry it in my wallet like you suggest. I believe it was around $125 at a local knife shop.

You can still find the Swiss Army Alox Classic on the internet.

Try the Case toothpick, small size, in yellow handled chrome vanadium steel. Actually, go to a store that has a good Case selection and you'll find many choices. Although Case is not the darling on this tactical-bent high $ forum, they do make a good knife, cheap enough to buy in a store, that will last if you take reasonable care of it. It'll cut anything a Sebenza will and you can give it away if someone admires it.
How about 2" long with single 1 1/2" blade of ATS-34 and titanium scales the whole thing only .1" thick + pin heads?

Well under $50. I have 5,000 on order and expect them before Summer.

A. G.
Received the Alox Classic which is working well for the intended purpose. Still would like to have something with a single blade.

The A.G. Russell sounds interesting but I don't understand the pin head part.

The PJ Tomes looks great. More money than I was thinking of spending but by the time you try out 3 or 4 cheaper knives you may as well have bought that one nice knife.

A really classy production slipjoint is Lone Wolf's Loveless designed
City Knife. They are Italian made and run between $80-100. I have handled them and their fit and finish compares favorably to some custom slipjoints that I have seen. It has an easy action spring also.