Tip Break? Not!


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Dec 23, 1998
I currently don't have many knives on hand, since most are in storage. One of the smallest knives I have is the Ontario Quartermaster knife. I was over at a friends place and his girlfriend is a budding knife collector. All her stuff is currently FROST! hehe. Anyway, I asked her to test the tips of her Frost Bowie, Case Bowie as well as testing my Quartermaster. I got the Quartermaster ad plunged it into a hardwood board about 0.5 inch deep and pried out a big chunk of wood. I did this 6 more times with the same results. I then got the case bowie and did the same thing with it, but only 3 times, with no damage to the tip.

I guess 1095 steel properly heat treated has no problem with this kind of use.
Cool, but I am curious. What happened to the Frost Bowie? Were services held later that day?

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Both the Quartermaster and Case Bowie had no problems, but the Frost knife bent after the first attempt. I bent it back and told her that if we did it again it would most likely break, so we didn't. What do you expect for 20 bucks.
Cobalt once the tip is bent, it is weakened and susceptable to bending (good luck telling her that). A small portion of the tip on my MD ATAK2 was bent by stabbing 2x4's. Now it bends fairly easily. Fortunately, I was able to straighten it after each bend.