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Tip-Down for Axis-Lock??


Mar 30, 1999

I like the Axis-Lock and all,thing is I cannot get used to tip-up carry.I would like to carry one of these knives but all the folders I carry are tip-down,and prefer them that way.Is their anyone or any place that could convert it to tip-down carry?I know the clip would have to be lowered on the knife somewhat because of the lock,but that would be ok.I would appreciate any comments on this issue!!


Amen. I love the axis lock, but I just have to have tip-down carry.

The reason that it is a tip up knife is because a clip would interfere with the lock mechanism.

It is worth learning to deal with tip up carry. I prefer tip up anyways myself, but even if this knife was made only tip down I would have made the change, it is a pretty darn snazzy knife. Don't let something as trivial as which direction the knife is carried keep you from getting what may prove to be one of the best and innovative production folders ever made.

All you need is three holes drilled and tapped. You would end up with alot of knife sticking out of your pocket, unless you changed to a different clip. Maybe something with 2 screws instead of three.