Tip for CS Para Edge owners

Feb 16, 1999
I have a CS Para Edge and I really like it for size cost etc. The only thing I didn't like was the extremely tight fit in the sheath. I was practically garroting myself every time I unsheathed. Then to make withdrawal easier, I started pulling the knife half way out from condition two to condition one and carrying it that way. Not cool. It tended to fall out at inoppurtune times. I got a can of silicon lubricant that is made for electrical applications and that is harmless to plastic and sprayed both the knife handle and the inside of the sheath. Bingo! It still has a nice tight fit but will come out with a reasonable tug. Try it, you'll like it.


I use spray silicon myself some of the times for lubricating folders, but on a handle, won't it become too slippery to hold or grip?

Silicon is a very slippery substance!

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Mark, I just sprayed it on the flared handguard of the Paraedge that holds it in the sheath, not on the handle itself. It works fine. I'm sure getting some on a smooth handle would make it awful slippery.


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