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Tip style for folder - Need advice

Hello to all & happy new year:

I am in the market for a folder and would like some imput about the type of tip. The folder's purpose will be pocket utility. Would I be better off with a tanto point or a clip point? My instincts say clip point is more practical, but would like some other opinions. Thanks again and happy new year.

I've used a hollow-ground tanto like a wharncliffe for precision trimming, but a chisel grind is clumsy for generaly utility purposes. I think for utility you should go for the clip or a drop point.
I think the best rule of thumb for choosing a blade style that you want for everyday utility is to determine which one will be easiest for you to resharpen.

Resharpening a tanto is almost like sharpening two knives since there are two distinct edges. Some folks have trouble keeping the transition between the two from getting rounded. Of course, lots of people like serrated and "combo" edges despite the obvious challenge of resharpening them.

Any good dealer or maker will be glad to help you choose the style that fits your experience and needs. Hopefully, that will avoid the decision to put it in a drawer because you simply can't resharpen it!


Tom Anderson
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Doug, I don't care for tantos, but a clip or spearpoint seem practical. I recently designed and had made my first custom folder, and I put a lot of thought as to what blade shape would be best for me and what I would use it for on a daily basis. I decided on a wharncliff and it has worked out great for me. I'll admit I don't put it to hard use, I have another knife for that. What I do use it for is opening mail and packages, cutting out articles from the newspaper or magazines, cutting a bagel or sandwich. I never let it get dull, but I will strop it on the carboard of a legal pad just for the heck of it.


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I own over 100 knives in every size and shape.For my general utility needs nothing beats a wharncliff, it would not be my choice for a field knife but serves utility needs great.
I agree with all, go for clip because tanto is more of a specialized design, IMO. Also recurves are really nice because they cut with less effort cause of that extra curve, i think or something like that.
The Wharncliff is an exceptional utility shape. Good for most food prep, slicing rope, cardboard, and for drilling holes. Next comes the drop point (IMHO of course). Its better than the clip point for food prep, but not as good at hole drilling or other penetration tasks. I've tried a couple of spear points in a utility role and they don't serve as well as any of the other three styles above.
Stick with clip or drop point for general utiliy purposes. Much more practical than tanto. Tanto is a great blade shape for a tactical knife, though.