Titanium and Talonite

Nov 1, 1998
See pic in General Knife discussion / Shop Talk.

First this is my first talonite knife and I was wondering if this material is a good cutter! - No it is'nt it is the best!

It seems that it won't dull and it is extremely agressive on meat! I wonder if this has to do with the edge geometry or the material or both! Tom give us a hint.

Ray and I wanted a totaly non corrosive knife, which would have better edge holding characteristics than the titanium blades found on other knives, secondly we wanted an integral lock like on the Sebenza, MPF .....
This has proven to be one of the strongest locks in existence and I have tested it on our design by the spine whack test and none of the two knives failed. Also we drove it with full speed into hardwood.... no unwanted closing or tip breackage. Also the action is super smooth........ it works equally well in the forward and reverse grip (I am a kali / arnis / escrima player for 10 years now)

Now I am dreaming of a damascus version with abalone inlays.............

Markus Blattner



Tom's knife really looks impressive. And having seen the pix of that damascus / abalone model, I can understand your joy.

I'm also happy to hear you too have discovered Talonite(r). It may not be the holy grail, but it sure has some outstanding characteristics
! The geometry does help considerably in bringing out the exceptional edge you are experiencing. Rob Simonich has been gratious enough to share his experiences with fellow makers although they all continue to experiment with this material ... pushing the envelope if you will. Tom looks to have found it to his liking as well... his work definately shows it.

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having used stellite for many years...6k long ago and now 6bh (talonite), i have always felt that it had a lot of very positive properties....and only a few negative ones.....that is true of any steel, there are pluses and minuses. the pluses, non corrosive....big factor here in the sub tropics.....very tough...the talonite seems to be a lot tougher that the 6k...edge holding, fantastic....fine edge taking ability....in the medium range..primarily because it is not nearly as hard as some of the great edge holders...being in the 48Rc range as compared to 62 for d2...but then considering the great difference....it holds an edge unbelievably.....i like it...its very expensive...155 per lb...but for folders and small hunters its not completely out of line...ive been making hunters with hidden tangs and only charge $50 extra for talonite...thats about my cost on the knife. it can bend...i dont recommend a thin knife or a very thin grind...theres a thread over on knifeforums on this very thing...thanks for the kind words markus....tom


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That is a great knife Tom and Ray and markusblattner. I am glad to have had a very small part in the project. The combo of materials makes it a true hi-tech knife. As far as Talonite goes, as we learn more and more about it we are sharing the information and it makes a win win situation!

that knife looks great. Can we ask how much the ti and the talonite versions ended up going for?

are jou interested? Please mail me

Markus Blattner