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Titanium Blades


Aug 3, 1999
It looks like Boker is using state of the art materials for the every day ordinary kitchen knife. I think it is about time.
Blade Magazine has one on the cover of the March issue and an article inside that says some amazing things about a "new" mix of titanium and sintering powdered metals.

My question is, does anybody have one? I didn't think titanum would make a good blade however, Boker says the edge will last up to six times longer! How can this be?

My wife suffers with Arthritis in her handsand these knives look like they might fill the bill for her.

Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I know the ones you're talking about, but I haven't seen them in the flesh yet.

In regards to your wife's arthritis, are you interested in the Boker's because of the cutting edge or the handle? If it's the handle Henkels knives use a simialrly shaped handle.

Hope that's of some help to you.
I'm carrying my Boker Orion right now. Based upon it's performance over a couple of years of service, I have a hard time believing the claims about edge holding. This knife requires touch ups more frequently than just about any knife I own, even though it rarely cuts anything other than paper.

It's pretty, though. Sparkly!

I think the Blade article indicated that the Blades of the new Kitchen Knives were different from the Orion's.

Something about Carbides being mixed throughout the Titanium Matrix.

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Rereading the article in Blade I was right.

They have mixed Powdered Metals into the Titanium in a way that produces Very hard Metal Carbides in a Soft Titanium Matrix.

This is the same basic formula for Talonite which has gotten very good reviews for slicing.

It will be interesting to see an actual performance review of these knives.

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