Titanium Knives and Metal Detectors

Jul 17, 1999
This info might save some of us some grief one day. I have a new Livesay "Bugger" Titanium neck knife, and had the opportunity to play with some metal detectors, with surprising results.A German Metor 120 walkthrough type detector, when set to pick up pocket change and keys, will not pick up this knife no matter how you send it through.I may have a chance to try it on even more sensitive settings, and will report if I do.HOWEVER, the Garrett "SuperScanner" hand held "paddle" type detector frequently used at concerts, etc. will detect this knife every time at a distance of three inches, in the "normal" mode (it has a discriminate mode for high interferance areas).What this may mean to you is your business, but it surprised me to find that the handheld would pick up the titanium so easily.

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No surprise at all,
One is a magnetometer - since titanium is nonmagnetic the magnetometer will not detect it, the other is a metal detector - since titanium is a metal (so is gold, lead, aluminum, etc) the metal detector will detect these.

Your only option is a Mission CT series (G10) knife :) But, since California is making these illegal to manufacture, import, export, sell, trade on 1/1/2000, they won't be available for long - but then again, we don't recommend that anyone carry "weapons" onto an airplane.

Which brings up an interesting question... If you take one of those knives the airline gives you to cut rolls with off of the airplane, due to the blade length, could you bring it back on?

Rick, neither do I recommend anyone taking weapons ANYWHERE they are legally prohibited.However, I know from previous threads that some folks are concerned with whether or not their blades will be picked up by detectors.It makes sense that the two types would operate differently,now that you explain it!As for the butter knife question,???

"To grow older is inevitable.To grow UP is optional."

The walk-through metal detectors are not magnetometers; they are metal detectors. I've been posting challenges for over a year -- if you ever find a walk-through detector that detects a magnet or a piece of steel and doesn't detect a large quantity of nonferrous metal such as a pocketful of coins, let us all know.

The sheep are not ready to allow routine strip-searches (yet) and they all wear metal zippers, buckles, snaps, eyelets, etc., so walk-through metal detectors have to be set to pass small amounts of metal without going off. There are many reports of Spyderco Delicas and other knives with similar amounts of metal passing, especially if worn near the center of the body, farthest from the coils. It depends on how much other metal you have on you and on how sensitive that particular detector is set on that particular day.

Hand-held detectors will detect a small piece of metal three inches (75mm) away -- even a rivet.

-Cougar Allen :{)