Titanium knives! Incredible offer, just in time for Christmas!!

Oct 7, 1998
It's true, it's true, fellow posters. While idly surfing the channels last night, I ran across this incredible offer:

A set of 'Titanium II' knives; three kitchen knives: a fillet knife, a bread knife, and a chopper! Also, incredibly, a set of four 'Titanium II' steak knives was also included!

These knives are said to remain sharp for an incredible period of time, and the fillet knife was very flexible; further, they are coated with a non-stick coating, so they just slide right through things as you cut!

But wait!! You also get some absolutely free 'Titanium II' cookware with the knives!! I think it was two covered skillets and a sauce pan, but can't be sure, as I had leaped to my feet to run for pencil and paper, stepped on a kitten, and smacked my knee into the coffee table, so was somewhat distracted when this part of the information was presented. These are also non-stick; it even showed them just peeling off charred milk from the bottom of the sauce pan (what type of cuisine features charred milk, anyway?)!

But WAIT!! If you act NOW, and are among the first 1,000 callers (wink), you can get TWO sets of everything for the price of one!! Just $39.95; WOW!!

This is actually what the offer was. It started me thinking about just what the knives were made of. At first, I thought that the fillet knife might actually have a Ti blade, but when I saw the price, I realized that none of the knives had Ti blades. My best guess is that the knives have some sort of Ti type coating over steel. Probably not very good steel at that.

Your speculations as to the construction are invited; further, should other posters decide that this is just what Mike Turber needs for Thanksgiving (oops, no, that won't work, 'Turkey' Turber goes into hiding around that time of year; let's make it Christmas), then we can take up a donation to send him a set (or maybe even TWO!!)

Happy Holidays,


PS: Hey, Mike, there are enough new posters now that you may wish to repost your justifiably famous turkey call .wav file.
LOL I saw that infomercial too. I was really impressed by the "diamond cut serrations". You can even cut a can of Spam in half without leaving any coarse edges. And you know how annoying coarse edges can be on your half full can of Spam.....

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THAT'S fur shure, dude, that just, like , happened to me, like , the other day, and I was like, OW. And my friends were all like, whoa, dude.
As usual, the Doc comes thru!

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How thoughtless of you!

The second set should go to Spark...

Where do we send our donations to?


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