TKK vs Chimera

Oct 14, 1998
hey trace and any others with opinions,
if you would be so kind as to compare and contrast the differences in design concept as well as a general overall review of the 2 (both in talonite 1/8" if you would.) i would be most grateful.

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Both feature flat ground drop point blades. The main difference is in the handle design. I'll defer to Trace because he has handled both (figuratively and literally hehehehe).


PS There's also another variation called the TTKK which is Joe Talmadge's twist.


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Actually, I think the TTKK is just the TKK, re-named. I designed the original, and Trace was just giving me a nod in the re-naming.

I was going to give my opinions on handle design here, but since I've not handled the Chimera -- and in reality haven't even handled the latest version of the (T)TKK -- I'm going to keep quiet until someone who has handled both responds!

Well I guess you guys are putting me on the spot since I am the only one who has handled both of them:)... Ok here is what I think, they both feel great in the hand IMHO. I think the Chimera handle is best suited to a knife of its size and intended utilitarian mission. It feels great, balances nice, and just give you that "At Home" feel when you pick it up.

The TTKK I think is more condusive to the larger 5.5" blade it gives you slip protection on thrust and withdraw if this Kitchen companion was ever used in a fight this would be a plus. Also the larger handle area helps balance out the longer blade. As for which one is better, well I think thats a matter of what you intend to do with it, and what you personally like.
I like both of them, and plan to make myself one of each "If I ever Get TIME!!"
And Joe is right the TTKK is just the TKK with an extra T for Talmadge since this was pretty much Joe's brain child.
I hope this helps you out some, and I dont think you are going to be sorry you if you get either of them..