To buy or not to buy?

Jul 16, 2005
I had the thread concerning what fixed blade to buy (still want it :)), however, I couldn't make a decision about it as none really met all my criteria or likings.
So, while still deferring this, I feel the urge to get some new toy :)

Considerations are wide - e.g. I'd like to buy BM 42 bali-song and Moki 433 Ares BUT I can't find the dealer who a) has these in stock b) is willing to ship internationally c) the shipping is not extremly pricey (like $100 for UPS/FedEx)

I'm also tempted to buy Victorinox Ranger ($35), Queen Mountain Man ($75), Spyderco CF Caly3 ($150) and Fallkniven TK3 ($175).
Certainly I can't afford to buy ALL aforementioned knives, but OTOH if I'm to buy only seldom, why not get something nice... :confused:

Then, there is also an option to try to wear out the knives I already have :D but that's not that much fun. I'm sure you understand :)

So, what would YOU do?


senex morosus moderator
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Jul 30, 2006
Well, first off, if I were in the Czech Republic, I would definitely be interested in Victorinox because they are made in Europe and should be available with lower shipping charges from a European dealer. I think I might also look for European made knives, such as Fox in Italy, that might also have lower cost/shipping. Fox makes a lot of cool stuff with good quality.