To sell or NOT to sell ???


Jan 2, 1999

I would like to hear your opinion regarding this dilema:

As I started to collect knives I usually went for production knives. Now that I have gained knowledge and my appetite grew I am considering selling few of my production pieces to finance my craving for those custom knives. I do not mean crappy cheap folders, I mean Benchmades, Spydercos etc...

What do you think ? The problem is that I like those quality made production folders but now as I look back I just can't understand how I spent $300 on 3 Benchmade folders instead of buying a Chris Reeve Sabenza.. it drives me crazy.

I would just add the baically I categorize mysef as a knife "collector" and not a "user".

Would love to hear your point of view
I have the same problem. Started to do the same thing.

My decision? Keep what I've got (I like it).

Don't make buy anymore prod pieces.

Move up.

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it
Yeah, I'm with you on this one, boys... Live and learn, I think we all progress on to the better stuff as we learn about and appreciate fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. I'm on the verge of cleaning out the lower end stuff from my collection as well... See you in the "For Sale" forum!

Nick B.
I am in favor of upgrading. It gives others a chance to own something better too. I bought my first Mad Dog used, sold my Cold Steel fixed blades. Now I am hooked. Same thing with the Sebenzas, started out with an AFCK and moved up.
Sell all your production folders as fast as you can - with the exception of the Benchmade Axis lock or Pinnacle, REKAT Rolling lock (Spyderco Rolling locks coming soon), or Sebenza - and save the money for a Darrel Ralph Apogee, or a Crawford Rolling lock Carnivore.

My suggestion: If you need the money to buy handmades, go ahead and sell your production pieces. If you have enough dead presidents (is there anything like that???), keep them. The knives you bought in the beginning appealed to you in some way and why not keeping them for daily usage? A handmade knife is not necessary better than a production piece. Spending bigger bucks doesn’t always improve the functionality of the knife. I sold many production knives, but not because I moved completely towards handmades, but because I noticed they are not what I expected them to be. On the other hand I own and still buy production knives. A well made Bechmade, Spyderco, Microtech, etc. is a pleasure to use and well suited for daily carrying. It’s the same like owning a Ferrari but taking a Saab for the shopping trip to the mall.
Not long ago, I looked at all the cheap knives that I had bought myself. When I added them all up, I realized that I could have bought a couple "real" knives. Now I'm only entering the world of quality knives... I hope I can start buying high-end knives and handmades soon!
You must decide just what "moving up' means. As a usable tool is a custom knife worth 3 times as much as a quality factory made? Not in my book. I own many quality factory blades and more customs than I care to admit, the main difference is in fit and finish as well as handle materials
and other embellishments. Buy what you like and enjoy them all.