To the moderators and others: "warp tunnel threads"

Jim March

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Oct 7, 1998
Well here's one constructive bit aimed mainly at all the moderators:

If you get a thread on your hands that's "in the wrong place" and needs moving, consider doing the "warp tunnel thread" gag. Go start the thread up in the forum where it *needs* to be, grab the URL location, come back to where it needs closing and do a link.

Syntax can be had by editing any post that has the text and copying it out without saving the post. The "Cooperation" thread is a good example.

The *best* plan is to reference the old (closed when done if need be) thread in the new, so people can "see where the discussion's been already".

Does it take extra time? Yes, because you've got to start the thread, save it, grab the URLs as needed and then edit the URL locations back in. I use a notepad window to copy the URL locations into and then copy/paste 'em into the edit sessions.

BUT: it doesn't leave users with a feeling of "the conversation just got stomped on". It's "classier". It can also be used to set up a two-way link between two related threads on *different forums*, such as the "cooperation" thread I did between Bladeforums and Knifeforums. OR, picture a 2-way "warp link" between a thread on Tactical and a related thread on The Firing Line somewhere; users can create these links too of course.

I hope "warp tunnel threads" become a regular part of all the moderator's toolboxes.

Detail: if you can't remember the code to pull this off, edit any post that contains the trick even if it ain't yours. You won't be able to save the edits, but you'll be able to extract the code - anyone can do this, not just moderators.

Jim March
Actually, Jim, it's just a matter of starting the new thread, and then putting the ubbcode/url for it's location in the closing message.

We're pretty laid back here, in that we don't lock each and every off topic posts, but if a thread needs to be moved, hopefully the members will realize that it should be somewhere else and move it themselves, like the recent "Lying under oath" thread.


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