To The Point - Test of 9" blades


Jun 10, 1999
I was just looking over this article by Mike Turber about the comparison of the Busse and the Cold steel. In here, it is mentioned that results involving several other knives would be forthcoming. Including the United Jungle Machete. Did any further testing ever take place? I am especially interested in how the United performed after learning it was actually manufactured by Camillus.
I did finish the second article. Before I could edit it my computer crashed and I lost everything. The ATS-34 Machete by United/Camillus did quite well. In fact after the Busse and Cold Steel only 2 other knives best it. Mike Cooper's entry and Rob Simonich's entry. I only wish I hade everything saved on another drive.

The Machete was very comfortable in chopping and did quite well all around. When taking the price into consideration it would actually beat several knives costing much more.

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Mike Turber
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Interesting stuff, Mike? Anything else from teh article that you can summarize by memory? thanks!