to those that carry a PECK

May 16, 2000
I’m searching for a small knife to stick on a key chain, single blade folder style, and am currently looking at the CRKT peck. I really like the wharncliffe blade, but have one concern. Will the blade stay closed when sitting in a pocket bouncing around? I’ve heard mixed reports about this happening. Some say that it’s solid while others reach to tenderly finger the scars that dot their thighs. Any words of wisdom from those that carry one?


"An unbreakable toy is useful for breaking other toys" -Van Roy's Law
I've carried both the PECK and the KISS & had to stop because both had opened in my pocket during normal day-to-day activities--the KISS knife once cut me while closed (with the upper point of the tip)!

How this came to be since: a) both were new; b) the pivots were not adjusted in any way out of the box, and c) both were a pain in the keester to open normally, I'll never know.
I had a KISS and still have a peck. The peck either sits on my desk or I carried them in a pocket using their pocket clips. I did have an occasion or two where they where partially open. No blood though.

I could see them opening in a pocket if they where just loose.

I have a PECK and a KISS. The PECK I have willopen too easily to be put on a keychain. I gave one to a co-worker who promptly slashed himself. I think the KISS would be a better bet on a keychain. I have had many blades open 'accidently', mostly one-hand knives with thumb-studs.

I still prefer the studs over the 'hole'.

Happy New Year!


You might want to go with one of the small Spyderco's...dragonfly, cricket, etc. After carrying my PECK as a money clip for the past 6 months I have also noticed that the blade can be slightly open in tighter pockets. My main concern, however, is that only one side of the blade is covered when closed and (although infrequent and difficult to do) clothing can get 'sandwiched' between the blade and handle parts so that it 'pinches' a little. No cuts or close calls here but I would get something different next time around...
I personally prefer the stud, also.



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Thanks for the replies, i think that i will go spyderco. the thing that i really liked about the peck was that it had a wharncliffe blade. Ladybugs are fine, though, so i think that i will get one of them.


"An unbreakable toy is useful for breaking other toys" -Van Roy's Law
I was hanging a Peck off my keys, until I noticed this happening. I'd fish around in my pocket for my keys and I'd slice my fingers on the partially opened little bastid.

My friend has carried a KISS on his keys for quite a while, and he's never reported any such problem.

I had that problem with my kiss and I just applied alittle extra torque to the pivot screw. The knife only takes alittle extra effort to open.