Today is a sad day...

Well folks, today leaves me with only one more week to enjoy Bladeforums. Next Monday is the day that I return home from here at Mississippi State University. Since I dont have internet access or even a computer at home, so you should be relieved that y'all wont have to put up with me for at least several months.

Though I hate to see it come to an end(for a while at least), I have really enjoyed the time Ive spent on the forums. Ive learned a lot, talked to some interesting people, and have re-kindled my knife collecting desires. It really has been fun(even though I never did win one of those darn knives! ). Actually, this place was one thing that helped keep me sane living here on campus.

Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know that I'll be "disappearing" from here in a week.

I just hope I dont have withdrawals from having to quit this addiction cold-turkey!

Sorry to see ya go man. I'm sure you'll more than make up for it this summer though. Hopefully we'll see ya soon. -AR

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Check your local library most have Internet access and a free email setup on one of the many sites that offer them would give you a way to stay connected.
also where is home, there could be a formite living near by that would be willing to have a new friend come over for Internet knife parties.
If not you have my deepest sympathies and condolences.
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Hit the Library! I did it once while off last week and it sort of soothed my craving to lurk and post here. Got to find a way spoonslayer to stay here! Even if it isn't as often as now, once in a while, at least ...

Always hate to see someone go! Man, don't know if I could handle that myself leaving for good or a very long time .... a week was tooooooo lonnnggg!

Take care Brock and hope everything works out well for you!

Besides libraries, there are "cyber-cafes" opening up that let you surf around while enjoying your favorite Javanese Mountain Blend or triple-espresso. Of course, you'll end up typing faster than you can think, but we'll be able to decipher it.

Don LeHue

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Oct 3, 1998
. . . and in the meantime, the odds of me winning a monthly knife give-away are that much better!

Good luck, Spoonslayer, and come back soon.

David Rock
Thanks for all the support folks
! I think I will check my library, but It's pretty small so I dont know if it has internet access or not.

As for the cyber-cafe's, y'all gotta remember that I live in Mississippi

But, I will still have a chance to win this month's knife! Ill keep my fingers crossed.
Brock -- do post upon your return, OK? Buy more knives when you're off-forum and give us reviews upon your return!
Take care Spoonslayer!! Have a good summer. Will we see ya at the Blade Show this year??

Yeah, that sucks. I go to Monmouth College and I have to leave next Friday. Plus, I decided I would forego net access this summer 'cause that saves me $75. I have a few more expenses this summer (Folts Mantis, BF Matriarch, Blade Show, KFC combat seminars at Blade show, etc.
But I work in a larger city where I think I can get net access at the library, so I'll probably drop in once a week or so if I can. Won't be the same as reading the forums with breakfast and supper, though!
If you have a computer at home, even 56K modem cards are cheap these days. Look at a used place and you can probably get a 33K for pocket change. Then, just grab the nearest "100 free hours on AOL CD" and you're set.

I haven't been here long, but I've enjoyed your posts a lot in that time. Find a way to sneak out and get on a PC while you're home! We'll be missing you!


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
I do hope I can at least drop in every now and then. I have a freind back home who has internet access. I may have to hijack his computer sometime
. While I have heard that computers are getting less and less expensive nowadays, I would have a hard time actually buying one because I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about how many neat guns and knives I could have bought with the money!
hey, about the Blade show, Ive always heard about and wanted to go to it. I have wondered, though, is it held at the same location every year? Also, what does it cost to get in?
Honestly? I don't know. I think it's always in Atlanta, but I wouldn't swear to it. Somebody on Knifeforums said it's about $8 or something to get in--doesn't seem bad.
There will be, I think, two knife combat seminars this time hosted by the tactical folks from knifeforums--they cost $100 for both or $75 for one.
But it should be all kinds of fun. If nothing else, several of us may get nailed with 250,000 volt stunguns to see what happens, yours truly included (this is not promised by any means.) Would you really want to miss that?
That definately sounds great! Especially the part about the 250,000 volt stun gun
If it is in Atlanta, I may go because Tupelo, MS isn't really that far away