Todd Begg Steelcraft Field Marshall Disassembly?

Discussion in 'Todd Begg Knives' started by Whiteshield, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Whiteshield


    Feb 25, 2016
    Is the pivot screw for the Field Marshall fixed? Or will it turn when you try to lock in the screw? Asking because the Field Marshall's non-hex screw side is perfectly round. Googled a bit and could not find an answer.
  2. Nephilim Killer

    Nephilim Killer

    Mar 7, 2012
    There has never been a problem with this. David uses a bit to much lock tight on his pivots. If you take a towel and open your blade and put downward pressure on the blade it will bind the pivot so it does not turn and the pivot can come loose. If this does not work then bill some water and dip the end of the knife into the boiling water until its hot then repeat the same steps and it will come loose. The problem is lots of inexperienced people are giving advice on working on these knives and they should not be your go to to remedy any issues you may have. Always contact customer service at Begg knives when you have an issue. I am sorry I have not been on here for a while to answer these kind of questions. Best, Mark We will be doing a maintenance video for people who want to open up their knives. Keep in mind this will void your warranty. We are happy to work on any knife when you have this kind of issue but if you prefer to do it yourself then this is how you would go about it.

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