Tom Brown Quest

Dec 18, 2002
Has anyone handled the William Henry Tom Brown Quest? It looks like a kool knife. The older ones have an ATS-34 blade. The newer ones have a ZDP 189 and 420 laminated blade. What are your opinions on the knife and on the laminated blade? Thanks guys.
I have one with the laminated ZDP-189 blade.

The edge feels "interesting". I'm not sure how to explain it, and I haven't done enough cutting with it to translate that into anything functional. I have another ZDP-189 blade, a Hattori santoku, and it is a great knife except for a surprising susceptability to corrosion (offset by a surprisingly easy to sharpen edge).

Personally I prefer the shape of the T-12 Spearpoint or T-7 Westcliff blades over the Quest's clip, but that is for aesthetic reasons.

Overall it has the usual outstanding William Henry quality.
I have one with the the laminated ZDP-189 blade as well.

Just got it and havent done that much of a test with it. Came hair popping sharp out of the box, I've cut down two cardboard boxes and it is still hair poppin' sharp.

The 420 laminate seemed to surface scrach very easily. Not really a problem if you want to use you knife, esp. one with steel that is supposed to perform as well as this.

Fit and finish are very good. The knife is very slim in the pocket and in the hand. I'll continue to use and see how well it cuts. The knife I'll compare it to as far as edge holding is my 1/16" Hartsfield Kozuka.