Tomahawk and Knife Training Class by Navy Seal Chris Caracci!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 2, 1999
Hello All,

We are exploring the viability of ATC's first Tomahawk and Knife Combatives Training Seminar to be administered by none other than Navy Seal and CQB Expert, Chris Caracci!!!

His demonstration at the Blade Show with SSG Gingrich from the Ranger Training Brigade
was a HUGE success and applauded by over 100 spectators.

We have no details yet in terms of price and location, but if you are up for finding out more, sound off with your level of interest and geographic location in the United States.


Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company
I am very interested, and it killed me that I could not attend the show due to work and class.Hopefully you guys can make it down here. if it's close I will be there.
I sell them so I should really learn how to use them.

Count me in.

I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan but you already new that.



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....should have noted this in the original post.....the class will include Tomahawk and Knife Throwing Instruction by Bobby Branton, President of the American Knife Throwers Alliance, and Professional Knife and Tomahawk Thrower.

Bobby is one of less than a dozen professional knife-throwers in the world, who still use "LIVE" targets in their impalement acts....."LIVE" being defined as a human assistant.

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company
I also sell them, So you can count me in depending on Location the class will be held.

I'm in upstate NY. I really should learn how to use it before I can't count to 10 without taking off my shoes.

If it's up around your home in Midland park, count me in!!!!

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Well, hell, howcome the east and south always get to get the good stuff??
How about for a change something up here in the Pacific Northwest. If I am not mistaken Seal Team 1 is someplace up here too.
Seattle/Portland area someplace.

Bremerton, Washington
What level of prior experience is expected, Andy?

I'm in Baltimore. I'm interested, but with my work schedule I never know when I'll have free time.
I'm interested if it's in the tri-state area. How about a nice Fall weekend somewhere near your place, Andy?


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I'm definitely interested in learning from people of this caliber. I live in Southeast NC.

Sincerest Regards,
Oh yea! Count me in! I think Mr. Caracci has been out here in Michigan before. I'm in Brighton. I'm sure we could scrounge up some other BF members in Michigan (and others). Whatcha say Phil?

Take care,

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Andy, wherever and whenever else you put on this seminar, please, PLEASE at least try to put one on at the 2002 Blade Show. A lot of us forumites will already be there, so unlike any other place you could put on the seminar, you will actually stand a high chance of getting "walk-in" seminar customers above and beyond the die-hard ATC fans who make an upfront commitment. As for me personally, I live in Huntsville, Alabama. I doubt I could round up enough interested people around here to make a seminar here worthwhile. But God willing, I plan to be at the 2002 Blade Show and if you offered the seminar there, I'd definitely attend. So that's my recommendation.

Molon Labe
Now you have Brian and Me to deal with!!!
OH BOY!!!!!

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