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Tomahawk Makers in Blade December 2000

Oct 10, 1999
Anyone have website addresses for the makers in the December issue of Blade? I'm especially looking for Judson Brennan's web site if available.

Ben Lee
AOL IM: MSURifleman
Thanks for the site, Anthony, but I don't think I'm ready for a $1500 hawk yet.

Ben Lee
AOL IM: MSURifleman
CrazyCrow, a catolog dealer specializing in NDN items and crafts used to have some very workable hand forged steel 'Hawks.
I have one and it is _very true_ to the old hand forged 'Hawks of the frontier.
It isn't what you would call pretty like the ones you can get from the makers that's listed here.
However it is a very workable single bit Forged Steel 'Hawk with the back side very capable of putting in tent stakes and the like.
It takes and holds an edge pretty danged good and it was cheap considering it was hand forged!

I didn't see them on their online catalog, but I wrote them to find out.

They also have some "real" _IRON_ , NOT _Steel_ 'Hawks available in several configurations. I had one of those and gifted it to a brother and liked it so well I bought myself another after I got to missing it.

These aren't bad in price either and for someone who would like to "just" have a 'Hawk I recommend them highly! There were a lot of IRON Tools made during the frontier and some had steel edges forged to
them. Many of these are the Pipe Style and fully functional. They will take a sharp edge that can cut you quick and are strong enough to do light work if one is careful.
I have done light chopping in pine with mine with no damage.

The ones I have and had are made from a very fine grained grade of iron. I don't know if it's mallable iron or not though. I have seen several of these being used by the traditional ndn dancers at several powwows. If I didn't have an Eagle foot on the end of my Straight Dance Dance Stick I would probably carry one myself when I dance.

You can find them here..... http://www.crazycrow.com/
Click on the "blades" link when the homepage comes up.

Oh!!!! And they have some high quality knife blades as well. They have the laminated blades that are like the Norwegian blades and some Solingen stuff too I believe.
They also have some junk Pakistan blades to, but you can tell the difference in the priceing.


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