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Tomahawk Upgrade:

If you look at the nylon sheath you will notice (2) pop rivets that are not the the same as the others. The SOG folks should take a look at this because it is a fix that needs to be on all the new ones we think. (we) being the half dozen fellas that got these in my shoot club...The rivets stop the "SHARP" blade from poking through and cutting up coats and car seats!
Extra material and I had the week off for the holidays. You know the old saying... Idle hands...do govment work!!!!
OMG! :eek: The titanium handle looks incredible! What a difference a handle makes. Very cool looking hawk!

You've got a nifty job if you can help yourself to such cool "extra materials". :)

Now all you need is to have Bill Harsey put a super polished edge on it, have the entire thing given a W.D Birdsong Black TiN finish, and you'll have the fanciest Fusion on the planet! :D


As a side note, if you can get enough "extra" rod stock about 26" long, you could have a very profitable sideline selling titanium escrima sticks to the FMA crowd. Others do and it's big money.

If you make a go of it, please thank me with an "evaluation pair" ;)