Tony or Reese Bose

Oct 14, 2000
People who sell Tony or Reese Bose knives second hand, charge at least double to 3 times what the makers charge,mainly on the # knives.Its ridiculous.A 3 blade 3 1/2 Stockman from Reese that he sells for around 550.00 went for 1175.00 on E-bay.I BOUGHT IT.Am i a Dum ass or what? Roen
You're a dumb ass . . .

I've watched some of those knives being auctioned on eBay and the folks go a little crazy! . . . William Henry's selling for $200-odd when you can buy them from Arizona Custom Knives for $145 guaranteed!

Regards, HILTON
Contact, Tony, put in your order and wait about two years like I am doing. Since I started collecting custom knives in the early 70's, that has been the standard procedure. The aftermarket has annoyed the custom makers I think. Some individuals see the knife market as a way to make money only! The maker produces a knife and sell it for list, and the buyer immediately sells it for a profit in some cases! I realise that we live in a free market economy, but if I was a maker. I would be annoyed. I don't have any solution except not to buy on the aftermarket. There is now another market where dealers commision knives from cutom makers and then sell them as new. This again adds a cost to the price which should be lower if you order direct from the maker.Dcik