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Too many knives?!?!?! HELP!!!


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Oct 5, 1998
OK guys, do I have too many knives??? I am real picky when it comes to cool knives. As of now, I have all the knives that I (think) I want in my price range. What to do? That's problem #1, now for #2:

I have the following just to clear things up and give you all an idea. I have many many more, but I've narrowed the (carry) to just these.

- BM 9100S Auto Stryker
- BM 905 Mini-Stryker (new style)
- BM 750BT Pinnacle (new style)
- Random Task (new style)
- M.O.D. Hornet (all black)
- Dalton Arc Angel
- Small Sebenza (may become a large)

OK, now...here's my problem, I only have one available pocket to carry a knife...I have 7 knives that I'd like to pay attention to at all times, but I don't really like to just flick all of the time. So, what can I do??? Have any of you ran into this problem??? I have all the knives I think I want, so I'm not drooling over a knife (1st. time since I got started) anymore, and I can't even use what I have!!! HELP!!! I'd rotate them at work, but I usually carry the Random Task everyday for work use. I'd like to keep most of them "pretty" but that's not hard since I never actually use them. They only collect dust. Anyone have any suggestions??? -AR

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I have the same problem, but it's with Microtechs vs. Benchmade. I too have one of the Pinnicles; its in my right front pocket. Then there's my MT mini SOCOM in my left front pocket. I can't forget about my HALO on my left side belt and the Nemesis behind my back. A good suggestion might be to rotate knives every other week while carrying two!! -RW

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Thanks man...BTW, I have had a lot of knives, but I trade them all. I have had a hand ground Mini-SOCOM, a Mini-SOCOM auto tanto, a different Pinnacle, 7 different Strykers, 2 9100's, a 3500, a 612, a Military, a Rookie, 3 Enduras, 2 "Q"'s, a 710 Axis, an 830 Acent, and many...many...more. -AR

- AKTI Member ID# A000322

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

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You can always send them to me
Carrying two at a time is a good idea. One user and the second one for the pure joy.