Too-Tight Scabbards

Dec 19, 2000
I just got my second khukhuri the other day, a 20-inch sirupati to complement my 15-inch BAS. (Both by Bura, both nicely done.)

Both of these are VERY hard to get out of their sheath/scabbard. I have to pull like crazy with one hand on the handle and the other on the sheath, fingers wrapped all the way around (which we're not supposed to do, I know) just to get enough grip to pull the knife free.
I think if I were wearing one of these on my belt, I might not actually be able to get it out without taking it off.

Is this something that will improve with time? Or maybe it will be easier when the weather is warmer and more humid?

I expected the sirupati to be easier, because of the narrower blade, but it's maybe even harder than the BAS because of the length. I just don't get it; this kind of tightness seems very strange for a using knife.

My little K letter opener, on the other hand, has a traditional-type sheath that's so loose as to be almost useless.

Hi Russ. That shouldn't happen, but it does. Uncle Bill lives in Reno, which is fairly low humidity, so if a khuk stays in Reno a while it gets dried out and shrinks, and then gets shipped to someone like you on the east coast, and swells. Use the search key and check out the threads on just this problem.
Hi Russ
I would rather it be too tight then too loose! Try pulling the blade out to it's thickest part and spry a little wd-40 on it. Then lightly pry side to side. That worked on 1 of mine. This might work better, get a wood shim and hammer it into the sheath. Leave it in for a day or 2. Good luck!!

Chris B.