Tool Adapter for LM Wave? Doesn't look like it...

Oct 12, 1998
Just got an email from Leatherman in response to an inquiry I had made regarding the coloured micras and a tool adapter for the Wave. Doesn't sound very encouraging for those of you (like me) hoping for an adapter...

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Dear Clay:

Thank you for sharing with us your feedback regarding our tool products.
Customer feedback is very important to us and guides us in making changes
that improve our products. While much energy is directed toward improving
our existing products to maintain the high quality standards you have come
to rely on in a Leatherman tool, our Marketing and Engineering departments
review consumer feedback for creative and innovative product ideas that may
be incorporated into future Leatherman products as well.

The WAVE's unique handle design prevents a secure coupling with the existing
Leatherman Tool Adapter. At this time I know of no plans to develop a tool
adapter for this new tool. However, due to the highly competitive nature of
the multi-tool industry, what our engineers are working on at any given time
is highly guarded until such a time a tool product is introduced to the

Our product line will continue to grow as we strive to develop products that
will fit every facet of your personal or professional life. Please add our
Web site: <> to your
list of "favorites" and visit it occasionally for updated information
regarding our tools and company.

Again, thank you for your input. Please let me know if you have any
questions or concerns regarding our tool products.

Customer Service
Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

Clay Fleischer

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Meaning I won't ever buy one.

Leatherman, you guys are are cool and all but...this is pretty stupid.

Jim March
I just traded my Wave for PST w/tool adaptor & bits. Just makes it so much more functional.

I still like that Wave, though.


Jim they are probably just going by user feedback. I don't have an adapter for my SuperTool for example and have no need for one. Odds are if the majority of leatherman customers wanted one for the wave they would make it.

One time I came very close to buying the Wave, but decided against that not only for the reason that the Tool Adapter doesn't fit this one, but the Wave also doesn't have locking tools. IMHO every pliers tool should have fold out tools that lock (e.g. Super Tool, Gerber Multi-Lock Scout). I was quite disappointed to see that the Wave doesn't have locking tools, and to this day I don't understand why Leatherman didn't put locking tools on the Wave. I'll just stick with my well used Super Tool!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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Dexter thanks for pointing that out, I was under the impression that the Wave had locking tools. How far of an angle will a tool come off of the vertical once the handles are closed?

Instead of developing a model with cocktail fork and spreader knife(The new Flair), Leatherman should put some efford in improving the Wave. All tools locking, exchange one of the screwdrivers for an awl, better blade steel and a tool adapter. There you have it, the perfect Wave...
I would by this new and improved Wave right away.

CD Fleischer:
What was Leatherman's answer regarding the coloured Micras?


As long as we are making a wish list. Make the tools interchangable or at the very least make it possible to take the file out and use it to sharpen the blades.

Cliff, there's a story on about making the file removable.


Jonas -- They said nothing specifically regarding the coloured Micras.

I agree about the interchangeable tools.

The non-locking tools on the Wave are really pretty good. I haven't had one fold up on me yet. Still I would like them better if they weren't nonlocking.

I still think the ultimate tool would be a combo of the Swisstool and the LM SuperTool. Locking, outside opening tools of Leatherman quality and true needlenose pliers.

Clay Fleischer

Knives are for usin' -- Pictures are for looking at...