Top Quality Katana $69 Kukhri $19.95 what a joke.

Aug 16, 2000
I don't know how I got on this mailing list, but today I received a catalog from a company called xxxxxxxxxxxx. It is chock full of some of the biggest POS knives and swords I have ever seen.

"Top quality full tang Katana" "Tree Splitting performance, top quality control, a beauty to behold!!" "Brass bolsters and hardwood tang guard"..Order NOW ....$69.

I just hate this kind of crap. It probably isn't worth $6.

Also Arabian Swords for $12

And the real p'iece de resistance!!!!


Who buys this junk? Children?

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Yeah, I got the same catalog. Most of the stuff comes from United Cutlery, Pakastan, or China and yes it is all



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"AMEN"!WHAT'S SCARY IS," PEOPLE DON'T KNOW & BUY THIS CRAP"!A "lot" of people!! If they didn't you wouldn't recieve this printed garbage! SGARY, IS IT NOT??
I would like to see the company CEO try to split a tree with his Katana.
I have mixed emotions about editing rdnzl's post because it is a valuable heads up but when I started moderating this forum one of the only two rules I set up was no badmouthing and I'm afraid this crosses the line.

We all know there are a bunch of junk dealers out there and we just have to stay away from them. Just remember, if it looks too good to be true.......

And I don't think there is a single forumite who will be fooled by junk sellers.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Sorry Uncle, I was tired when I posted this and should have left off the name of the company. I guess my amazement at what junk was in the catalog got the best of my judgment.

Yes there are several companies that sell this kind of crap.
I get the same catalog as well for some reason.

BUT there's another way you can think about this.....
When I was a kid I couldn't afford the real deal but I could have afforded these kinds of products even knowing that they are POS I would at least have had something I could play with and dream.
And the people who sell these prducts are perfoming a good service
and perhaps getting a lot of youngens started on the road of collecting knives of all kinds late on in life.

I once bought an Atlanta Cutlery chiruwa style Kukri and after I got the very blunt edge sharpened discovered that it was just about or as good as my CS LTC. Now this is the original CS LTC made out of thin stock and is little more than a bent machete than anything else.

I gave the Atlanta Cutlery kukri to a brother and he's as happy as a lark with it as it does the job he needs it to do and is easily resharpened.
Would he like a H.I.Khukuri? Yes he would, but he couldn't and still can't afford even the one I gave him if he had to buy it let alone even a village model from H.I.
And kids today are generally smart enough to know what these places sell and they must do some business as they can afford to send out a pretty nice catalog.



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It doesn't matter whether the name of the company is posted or not ... if any of us get a catalog advertising Arabian swords for $12 and "Ghurka kukhris" for $19.95 we'll know not to buy ... would have anyway ... but sometimes you just have to rant! I don't think I get that catalog -- I get some pretty bad ones, but not quite that bad.

-Cougar :{)
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