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Top Ten Hottest Knives of Today.

Sep 12, 2000
Could you please tell me the names of those knives?
Probably, for its "over-all," . . .most talk-about, most wanted.
1. Manual Action.
2. Auto' or D/A

Production knives only.
Many thanks.
I'll take a stab at it.
Brands in no particular order (it would be hard to only name ten individual models):
1. Microtech (LCC look around
, Socom models)
2. Benchmade (Axis locks-notably 710, 705, 940, also my favorite, the AFCK-not an Axis, but maybe someday...)
3. CRKT (large KFF especially)
4. CRK (Sebenza)
5. Spyderco (all of them-alot about Chinook, Gunting, Military, and soon, the Chinese)
6. Emerson (Commander, new mini-CQC7, Mach 1)
7. REKAT (Sifu, and everything that might become available in D2)
8. Kershaw (mini&multi-tasks, Boa, Blackout)
9. Victorinox (too many to even try to list the most popular)
10. Cold Steel (Voyager)

By no means a definitive list, but those are the brands/models I see mentioned most often. The Al Mar S2K, should have been in there, and probably a few more.
I'm not into autos, but the MT LCC D/A is probably the most popular, most sought after, and most wanted right now.

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My turn


- MT Socom and Elite Socom

- Emerson Commander

- Emerson CQC7 A or B

- Benchmade 703

- CRKT Lightfoot LUS

Ooopppsss....left out Spyder LUM and their custom collaberation


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There seems to be a good deal of interest, in Bladeforums, in the new ArcLite to come from Camillus.