Jul 8, 1999
Can anyone give a novice knife collector/user any "industry" information about the Anaconda 7? I have this knife and am satisfied, but I have not heard much on this forum yet. What do you all think? I would appreciate any leads and personal use reports, etc. Thanks for your time.

John Rykken
Maybe you could check out the last Tactical Knives issue it had something on Tops knives I think. I have a Steel Eagle great knife, looks basically like the Anaconda insept shorter blade, a saw edge and an inch and a half of serrations.
I have several TOPS knives that came from Sid Post. They are extremely good quality for the money. I have put the Steel Eagle 111 through the wringer out in the woods. Seeing how Ron Hood knows a heck of a lot more about the woods than most people (including me), if he collaborates on a design, I would bet it is pretty good.
Good point. I get the drift here. Thanks, and I'll stay aware of the magazine articles.
John Rykken