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Tops wolfpup or Fallkniven WM1

Oct 28, 2000
Which one is better for everyday carry? I like them both and I'm leaning towards the wm1 because of the blade steel, vg 10 but I like the looks of the wolfpup better. If it was you what would you choose?
I can't speak for the fallkniven, but wolfpup is as tough as nails....(the steel is quite thick for a blade that size) The down side is that it's not really made for pocket or neck knife.... If you can, check it out to see how well it suits your needs as far as carrying it goes. If you plan on using it for hard use, you just can't beat that high carbon tool steel.
It seems like you might be comparing apples and oranges... Tops also has a couple strait neck knives available, all made with the same steel.
Thanks for the info. I've handled the wolfpup and I really like the feel of it, it's probably going to be the one. But you know I'll probably be like every other knife nut on here and buy them both. C'est la vie.