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This is in response to a TOPS question asked by Joe Talmage on our forum.


I must admit I was biased also before using a TOPS blade on this last trip. Now I'm sold. The holes in the blade came in handy for a wire bending job we had to do and the blade, in general, is one of the toughest tools I've ever used. Don't know if any of you guys ever whacked through alligator bone, we did on a 7 footer (photo below) with the TOPS without any failure. I also cut some teeth out of the gator with the piece to give to the participants as souvenirs. The indigs used the blade as a can opener for cutting the tops out of tin sardine cans by driving the point through (not the stateside sardine cans but big heavy ones) Edge held up well. I split loads of small kindling using a large stick as a hammer on the spine to drive it through and also used it as a primary 'survival' knife during a course I instructed on buidling a survival camp - this involved cutting and chopping through 2-3" saplings. I have zero compaints about this blade because it works well for its intended purpose. I agree it's to thick to use as a small bushwhacker, but it's one hell of a general use knife. Will do more in the TK review. Got great photos of the blade in use. - Jeff

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Is it safe to assume that was the hunter's point? I've been kicking around the notion of getting a fixed blade knife for some time (it will be my first). And the finalists are the TOPS firestike and the Newt Livesay Hunter Killer Retriever. How would you compare them?