Torch anodizing


Jul 20, 2000
Posted this over on the Makers forum but got no response and thought a bigger audience might get me an answer. My question concerns the durability of torch applied anodizing on titanium. Just curious as to how it holds up vs. the electrical current anodizing. I have a DB Fraley XL Deluge with this treatment and really, REALLY, like it! I have used Windex to wipe down the handle and "refresh" the colors with great success. :D :cool: :)
I have never really tested the durability of torch anodized titanium directly, but I would tend to think it would be fairly durable. I heat anodized some bolsters on a Darrell Ralph kit one time, and it took quit a bit of sanding to get the anodizing off. Of course those are steel, so the results might be different on titanium, but I wouldn't think it would make such a big difference.
I've torch ano'd a benchmade model 47 balisong. I've flipped it, dropped it, and played with it for many hours and it shows no signs of wearing off. I think its just as tough as electrical anodizing, which I also find to be fairly durable.
Pretty darn durable! I've flamed a ti ring, a bottle opener, and my friend Prof Ed and I flamed around 9 money clips for my groomsmen. All of the aforementioned still look great.
Heat anodizing is much more durable than electrical anodizing, the layer of color is much thicker. The real difference between electrical anodizing and heat (torch) anodizing is the range of colors that you can get and the control of the coloring.
Thanks guys! Lot's of good stuff there to mull over. The flame anodizing gives the knife an almost camo look. :cool:
I've done a couple of handles on a Bunsen burner, and achieved pleasant results. I did the same to a Ti blade, and I think I ruined the temper, as it seemed a bit softer afterwards. So, watch out on the pieces where the hardness counts.