tornado victims

Oct 12, 1998
Hi All,
I'm not a religious person, but can we keep those victims of the tornado in OK in our thoughts and prayers? Thanks
It is sad that we have had so many victims lately. My thoughts are with them all.
Wichita is my hometown, so my thoughts and prayers have been with the people there from the beginning and even before this latest tragedy.

If you've never lived in tornado country, you can't imagine what those people have gone through. Tornado alley can be a really scary place to live sometimes.

Even those who don't believe in God tend to say their prayers when they see a Tornado coming! This is especially terrible for those in Oklahoma City. They've lost enough loved ones already from the bombing in the too recent past.
thanks for your prayersI live in Wichita
my home was spared but my cousin wasn't so lucky I really believe GOD DOESN'T LIKE TRAILER PARKS !
Thoughts and prayers are with all. Anyone heard from Bill McWilliams lately - hope all is ok with him and his. Bill are you out there?
What more can I say?

Thankfully, none of my immediate family lost their life. In times like this, it becomes easier to value what is really important.

Thank's for your thoughts and prayers.
My home and family are fine. The tornado touched down about 7 miles south of my place and went all the way across the city.
We have a few large trees down a few houses east of us, but that was the result of microbursts of around 100 mph.
Moore OK is between Norman(OU) and OKC.
It looks like a nuclear battlefield.
My warmest thoughts go to the injured, beraved and homeless.
As a insurance adjuster here in Wichita, Kansas you can't believe how busy we are with the storm. There are lots of stories that folks want to tell anyone who will listen to them about.

A difficult part of our job is just paying the insureds what they are owed. We hear the sad stories and wish we could do more. These areas where the tornado hit literally look worse than a war zone. So far it appears that the folks are still in shock. Hopefully they won't turn too bitter when the shock wears off and they have to realize that life goes on.
My Prayers are in double time for the unfortunate of this disaster as well!

The Community Forum I responded to this yesterday, too.

God Be With You!

Those that aren't regligious might start giving some thought towards that, it is a rude awakening when all you have is suddenly gone in an instant!

Makes me re-think what really matters most to me!