torture tests on LAWKS?

Feb 12, 2001
Just curious if anyone has done extreme testing on a knife equipped with the LAWKS, such as the CRKT KFF. I'm not talking about spine whacks, etc, rather, stuff that pushed the knife to the point of failure and beyond. I ask this because I know liner locks can be fairly weak ( my Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn failed a pretty gentle spine-whack miserably
)and I was wondering how well the LAWKS really works. It looks like it should be extremely solid, but then again, so did my Gerber. Does the LAWKS bring the liner lock into the range of the axis and rolling locks? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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From what I've seen of the LAWKS, unless the liner or LAWKS physically breaks, it isn't possible for the lock to fail. It might be a little loose, but it won't close. I could be wrong, but this is what I've seen.
I wouldn't pu the LAWKS in the same league with the rolling locks because:

1- you have to manually engage it
2- it has to stay engaged, and there's nothing stopping it from being moved back

That said, I think it really adds to a liner lock, and I would like to retrofit it to my older design CRKT's.