Torx® Drivers?

Jan 6, 2001
I am a novice knife collector/user. Where can I purchase a set of "best quality" Torx® drivers for use on a quality folder? The usual offerings from HomeDepot, etc. are all too large.

Thank you.
I bought a set at an Ace Hardware store for about $11.00.A Sears Hardware store may have them as well.

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Craftsman also has the ones used on most folders too.

You could also look at a couple of shops that sell electronics, and computer parts. They would sometimes have a computer repair tool kit that would include a few torx drivers too.

I almost forgot:


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Welcome! Try your local Sears. Craftsman Torx drivers are available in sizes #6,7,8 and 9. BM also makes a compact kit offering the above sizes, plus #10 and 15. Good luck.
You will also need a #5 torx on occasion. MSC carries these.

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The Sears 12 pc. Micro Tech Expert Screwdriver set, cat no. 941670 is a great deal. It has Torx sizes T6,7,8 and 9. In addition, it has small slotted and Phillips drivers as well. The slotted ones are great for eyeglasses and the Phillips work wonderfully on Photon lights. As I recall, it was about $15. For larger Torx sizes, Sears sells a set of four Torx drivers in standard screwdriver hex configuration. You get T10, 15, 20 and 25. Cost of these bits is about $3. Cat. no. 941402.

My favorite Torx are made by Wilha. I had a Craftsman Torx wrench loose its teeth with only moderate force being applied. I ordered a T5-T15 off of Wilha's website and they are holding up very well. I can't recall the web address, but I'm sure a quick search will point you in the right direction.

The whia tools referred to in the above post are some of the best you will find. I bought a set thet includes the handle, extension, and bits for sizes T-3 thru T-10 and T-15. Great quality, and worth the money!

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I found very small set at home depot a couple of months that have worked for all applications that have come up sense. I think the set started at a #2/4 and went up to a #10.

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I use a Wiha set (T6-10, 15, 20) too, but also have a couple of Craftsman Professional (T6 & T9). I got the Craftsman at Orchard Supply Hardware, and the Wiha set at Fry's electronics. There's another Wiha set that has a handle and 8 2-headed bits that includes some phillips (posi-dirve?) and flat blade srcewdrivers. Mine was $19, the 9-piece set was around $35. The Craftsman's are actually pretty nice because the top of the handle spins and tips are pretty well shaped. I think they were $3-5 each, but I can't really remember. I think my Cybertool has T8, T10, and T15 bits. I coudn't confirm the Cybertool sizes though.

I can tell you this; Stay away from Rigid!
I bought a set of Torx drivers at Home Depot, Rigid brand ( Which I usually prefer ), and using almost no force I totally stripped out the T6 bit. I know it's a small bit and it won't take much to strip it, but it shouldn't have been as easy as it was...
Or, are all sets like this?