Torx Driver Stockists ?

Jul 14, 1999
Are there any members in the UK that know where to get Torx Drivers from. I tried Homebase today but they didn't have a clue.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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If you have Sears, try there, if not go to their web page, you should be able to order them online. If that fails try an automotive or electrical supply shop. Got mine at Sears, they have all the sizes in a variety of configurations.
Hardware stores are usually only good down to size T-10, that fits most of Benchmade's knives. For any size smaller, go to a men's hobby store where Radio Controlled planes and cars are sold. -Brian
Sears catalog #941670 is the set that I purchased. It includes T6, T7, T8, T9 as well as 8 other flat blade and phillips micro drivers. It was in the precision tools section. Cost somewhere in the range of $20-30. Great tools!

The larger sized torx are easy to get. These handle the smaller sizes that you can't find. They are also durable and have a lifetime Craftsman warranty.

No-I don't work for Sears. I actually work for their competitor!


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I bought an excellent life-time warranty set of T6-T10 with precision handles at Home Depot for about %$16.

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