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TORX screwdrivers

Jul 17, 1999
I had quite a time finding small TORX screwdrivers to work on knives.#10 and up no problem.#9 and down, hard to find.Finally got them at www.micromark.com. Not cheap,but these are WIHA from Germany and should last forever.Hope this helps someone else.

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I found some at Sear. I beleive the pack went all the way from 4 to 10.

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I got some (without really even wanting them) at a ServiceStar hardware store in town. They came with other assorted tips for my Black & Decker Cordless Screwdriver.
Sears' Micro-Tech Expert Screwdriver Set (cat. #941670) of 12 screwdrivers covers Torx 6,7,8 and 9 (plus small slotted sizes, great for eyeglasses, and small Phillips, great for screws on Photon lights). Cost is about $20. They are available separately for about $2.50 ea.

For larger sizes, see cat # 941402, a set of four standard hex bits for hand and power screwdrivers. These have one each Torx 10, 15, 20, and 25 size. Cost was about $4.

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What I'm still looking for are the 5 star anti-theft type of tork screw's that Leatherman is using. Any help?

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Go to your local Greybar (like sears hardware section on crack) store, and tell them you are with X telecommunications (Pick one from a phone book). Now tell them that you've run across some tamperproof screws, and ask to see what they've got to remove them. you better know what your look like exactly, cause they've got dozens of different tamper proof screws.

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Hey Thank's guy's!, I should be able to find some now. I asked around and was told that their is a Greybar store here in Cincinnati area, so I'll look into it this week. Will check on web site's tonight.

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Another possibility is J&L Industrial Supply on E.Kemper Rd.


We have been using WIHI sets of mini-screwdrivers with various style tips for several years. They will last you, forever
. Unless someone takes it because they like it so much
. The small feature I like best is the little red back secton of the screwdriver lets you spin it on your palm while you use it - little detail that makes it real nice when you have a lot of screws.

I had ordered sets of them from MSC, MC Master-Carr, and Metris Screw & Fastener

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