Tough decision on which auto to buy...HELP!!

Jan 11, 1999
here's the situation...I am going to finally bite the bullet and buy my first auto. However, I am unsure of which one to buy. I have had the opportunity to only handle ONE auto in my time, and I loved it. I have succesfully narrowed it down to four prospects, and I need some help making an "educated" decision on THE one to buy.
Here are the options (IMHO):
GT Auto Tanto 3.5" blade 4.25oz ~$169.95
BM Auto Stryker 3.7" blade 4.1 oz ~$179.95
REKAT Pocket Hobbit 3.5" blade 7.5 oz (ouch) ~$179.95
MT Mini USSOCOM/AT 3.25" blade 2.5 oz

Okay--I know that there are alot of other good autos out there, but these are the four that I think fit my "tastes" and ones that I have seen mentioned on the forums enough to know that I can't really go wrong with either of them.
My main carry situation(s) will be a "back-up" work knife and the primary defensive knife for me to carry. A concealed way for carrying would be excellent. I like the option that there is for the REKAT with the Kydex above the belt sheath and I know I can purchase a custom Kydex for any of the knives. I live in TN and I don't think there are any major probs with auto and they are all with-in the length limit for TN.
So--I am soliciting your experiences and your knowledge. There is alot of great info that flows through these cyber-halls and I greatly appreciate the service that it provides for us "knife-lovers."
I thank you in advance for the time you will take to help me out in my decision.

David P. Sproles
My personal opinion is that while the Benchmade is a good knife, it is not in the same league with the others you've named. I would say the MicroTech is the finest knife brand going today, auto or manual. GT is also excellent; the REKAT I have not handled, only read about, but you would definitely have a conversation piece, if you want one.
First, the Rekat is not an auto. It is an excellent knife, however.

The GT auto is a fine knife. Excellent quality and despite its appearance, very ergonomic. Good lock up and a great company to deal with if you have any problems.

From your description of intended use, I think that the Mini Socom is too small. But it is an excellent knife that you would be proud to own and use.

Personally, I would say look at the Stryker or an AFO 9050. Both have safety locks, beefy blades, and very sturdy construction.

You owe it to yourself to get a Pocket Hobbit.Everyone should own at least one-just because! It always reminds me of the "Crocodile Dundee" movie "you call that a knife?-this is a knife"!

Best thing- handle them, open and close them. Which one do like? They are all pretty good choices-although I am not particularly fond of Tanto blades. The GT also comes in a clip point.

Just for starters the Rekat is not an auto....If you want the absolute best I'd go with the Microtech.But you have to remember that the Mini Socom is much smaller then the BM or GT that you mention.If you search the reviews section you will find many reviews from people who own each knives.


Take a look at the MOD Auto Trident before you make up your mind. The Mini SOCOM is also very nice (I have the new Tanto bladed one) but the Trident is a better knife. Overall, the best Auto for the money is the BM AFO (9000sbt) and just happens to be a milspec item also. After you get your first auto you will buy another and another and another, so watch out!!

If you must get one from your list, get the Microtech. The Tanto edge is awesome.

Benchmade and Microtech make autos seriously, not as novelties or toys. Paragon is the other commonly available make that seems to be a made for actual use and long-life. I'd suggest sticking with these.

Benchmades' AFO is the quintessential side-opening auto. I'd suggest you consider that one too.