Tough Tip Test

Mr. Dave

Mar 10, 2000
The tip on my Blackwood tanto neck knife looks strong so you know I just had to test it! The blade is 1/8" heat and cryo treated A2. Should be very tough. I pried 1/2" out of a 2x4 without too much flex. That didn't take a full power stab or a whole lot of lateral force. To tell the truth, after reading some of these broken tip horror stories I chickened out. But I didn't chicken out when it came to driving the tip into a hard object. I took a sheet of .07" (a bit more than 1/16") anodized aluminum, about 18" square and gave the knife three full power thrusts. These thrusts were a lot harder than I need to get it 1/2" into a 2x4. The aluminum was supported on the sides but not on the bottom. The knife went through all three times with no discernible damage to the tip. Ok, it was scratched, but not chipped or folded over. That's some tough stuff, and no, I will not be trying this with my folders or Wusthof chef's knife

There are some pictures and more info in the "Blackwood Tanto" thread in the Custom Forum.

This is another reason I'm a CS believer. CS has the most intense tip test I've ever seen. First they stab the knife into a block of wood, then they hit the blade horizontily with a mallet to get it loose. Some people think the video PROOF doesn't prove anything. I argue: then why don't you try it with your knife. (they usually shut up after that)

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Ed, is that an AUS-8A or Carbon V blade and which model? Can you estimate how much penetration it gets? By hitting it with a mallet do you mean they just slam a hammer into the handle and the knife goes flying?

For a Small knife, the Tanto Neck Knife has a very "heavy duty" tip! Combined with the thin, sharp main edge, I think it makes for a rather unique and useful design. Several Local LEO customers of mine use theirs for some extreme tasks similar to your testing.
This is what prompted the thicker epoxy coating on the wrap as we discussed in our Emails.

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Hello Cliff... How's Toronto?

Anyways, I assume you have never seen Cold Steel's Proof video? Well, they take a big 'ol block of maple and hammer their Recon Tanto (and a few others) onto the block with a mallet. Then they grab the handle and snap it sideways, lifting a big chunk of wood up and apparently not damaging the tip at all! I say apparently because I don't always trust what I see, but it looks legit. I wish more people put out proof videos- it is one thing to hear how tough a knife is, and another thing to prove it on tape!

Then again, I wouldn't think twice about picking up a Blackwood knife at all! Great guy to chat with, talk shop with, etc. Not only are his knives usable, but they look great too! If only my Canadian pesos were worth more...

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